Long Time No Speak


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Oh, hey there! It’s been quite a few months since my last post. Why the radio silence, you ask? Well, I’ve had a couple of tremendous life changes…

First, I landed a dream position as an editor of POPSUGAR’s Home vertical. Second, I embarked on my biggest project yet: motherhood. I actually received the job offer and confirmed my pregnancy in a 24 hours period – it was a very exciting day to say the least!

With all my mental energy going to my new gig and physical energy going into creating a person, I decided to put the blog on hold. A gal has got to know her limits, and I had hit mine.

There’s another reason that I didn’t write about my pregnancy in real-time on The Editorialite; I strive to fill my blog with helpful tips, useful knowledge, and must-have products that I can personally vouch for, and as a first-time mama-to-be, I didn’t feel that I had the experience or perspective to speak knowledgeably about pregnancy, motherhood, and all the ensuing needs.

Now that my sweet baby boy Dashiell (pronounced “Dash – ul”) is almost two months old, I’ve had space to reflect on my pregnancy, birth, and the earliest stages of motherhood and extract useful tidbits from the experience. I’m excited to share my insights with you in the days and weeks ahead!

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