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Decorist is to interior design what Rent the Runway was to high fashion

Decorist, a new online service, makes celeb-level design available to everyone. It’s the democratization of your living room! Okay, maybe that last line was a bit much, but it is making home design “personal, affordable and easy.” In short, it’s going to change your life, one room at a time.

I discovered the service a couple weeks ago when I had the chance to walk through the Decorist showcase house right here in San Francisco. It. Was. Spectacular. Walmart couches blended seamlessly with vintage object d’art. Next to high end designer seating, One Kings Lane upholstered beds looked far pricier than their three digit tags, and independent artist’s photography endowed the walls with character.

All this was enough to get me to log onto the Decorist site. After completing a personal style assessment quiz, in which I essentially designed a living room by selecting my favorite options from a list of sofas, coffee tables, area rugs, etc., the site summed up my taste with eerie accuracy (it began: “You like eclectic styles at heart with an eye towards integrating more modern looks”) and offered me home product recommendations tailored to my specific taste. Sourced from stores like Target and Overstock to Dwell Studio and ritzy designers, the furniture and decor was consistently chic and unique but spanned a wide price range. Within 30 minutes of messing around on the site, I discovered and became obsessed with half a dozen new stores that I hadn’t even known existed. I signed up to receive the e-newsletter full of customized product picks, so I can be inspired on a regular basis.

Personalized Decorist Room Makeovers

The site also offers personalized pro help you with the perfect room makeover. You enter your budget, style info and any non-negotiable parameters, such as keeping the walls white in your rental, incorporating great grandma’s love seat or finding a way to use those pricey Jonathan Adler pillows you splurged on. One of Decorist’s talented designers then creates a design for the room, complete with a list of shopable products and a detailed room rendering, like the one in the image below. You then purchase products and style the room according the rendering. The results are almost as magical as the price: $199 per room with a standard Decorist designer and $299 for a celebrity designer.
decorist showcase house
decorist showcase house


Mark your calendar: Fashion & Fitness at Sweat Republic this Friday!


sweat republic the editorialite

Join me for the ultimate fit & fabulous Friday!

This Friday, November 7 I’ll be co-hosting an event at Sweat Republic in the Marina, voted one of “America’s coolest Alternative Exercise Studios,” on a topic that all busy, active women can relate to: how to go from sweating it out to a night out.

As much as I would like to say I always shower immediately after working out, the truth is that there isn’t always time. It’s hard enough to find time to balance a job and a social life before throwing fitness into the mix, but I need that workout to keep my mind sane and body strong. If it come down to a question of skipping a workout all together or having to go to happy hour directly from the gym, I’ll always pick the latter.

This, however, is far from an excuse to greet your friends a hot, sticky, smelly mess. At Friday’s event I will share my go-to methods for going from sweaty to stylish in sixty seconds.

More than just sharing these insider tips, I will help you create a complimentary goodie bag full of all the essential products and tools you need to do them yourself.

If that’s not enticing enough, the event will also feature wine (it is taking place during Friday happy hour, after all), Sweat Republic fitness demos and an exclusive Kamila Dmowska trunk show featuring the just-released new collection–these gorgeous frocks are a must-have for every lady’s wardrobe.

Check out my favorite Kamila two-piece ensemble in the pics below and RSVP to the event on Facebook here.

The Editorialite Event sweat republic kamila dmowska san francisco blogger event

The Editorialite Event sweat republic kamila dmowska san francisco blogger event The Editorialite Event sweat republic kamila dmowska san francisco blogger event


Hound Wolf & Badger for the best in independent designer decor


WOLF AND BADGER - wolf & badger - designer home decor - new home designers - unique home decor

Bookmark this site: Wolf & Badger

I stumbled upon Wolf & Badger while doing research for a San Francisco Chronicle story–and I’ve been addicted ever since. It offers the best in quirky chic decor, fashion and accessories, all from independent designers. While the boutique is based in the posh Notting Hill neighborhood of London, you don’t have to cross the pond to enjoy first dibs on all their fabulous up-and-coming designer finds! You need only log on.

Here are the five pieces at the top of my wish list…

1. White Message Click Clock
2. Copper Pipework Candlestick
3. Apartment Stacking Cups
4. Parisian Pink Palm Cushion
5. Min Lilla Viking Lamp
6. White Hand Single Stem Flower Vase
7. Floral Frances Print


Chic Clicks: 3 Things to Read Online Now


costerellos bridal gown - up and coming bridal gown designers1. Calling all fashion-forward brides

T&C has rounded up the top 9 up and coming bridal designers to watch–and it is a not to be missed list for stylish brides-to-be! I’m swooning over the delicate embroidery on this Mira Zwillinger gown! Ooh la la!

2. Friday Night Social Series with The Editorialite 

I’m thrilled to reveal that from 6:30-8:30 on Friday November 7  I’ll be co-hosting “Going From Sweating it out to Night Out,” an event at the uber cool Sweat Republic in the Marina. Guests can sip wine while enjoying first dibs on Kamila Dmowska’s latest collection of ladylike frocks, Surfset fitness demos and an Editorialite-designed goodie bag filled with everything you need to go from sweaty to stylish in under sixty seconds. Expect lots more on the event soon!

3. These 10 Tumblr Accounts Will Change Your Life

Nylon Magazine has scoured the web for the most life-alteringly bizarre Tumblr accounts. I recommend checking out Worst Room Ever if you want to feel good about your current living situation and  Awkward Stock Photos if you want a good laugh.


5 pro tips to transition your skin from fall to winter


winter skincare - fall skincare - transitional skincare - how to take care of your skin in the winter

Fall to winter skincare pearls of wisdom from a pro

I recently had the pleasure of getting a facial at San Francisco’s Medesthetics RX–and for me to refer to a facial as a pleasure is saying a lot. After years blogging and reporting on beauty, I’m not the easiest of clients. I know too much for my own good, but there wasn’t a question I could throw Medical Esthetician Joshua Maniscalco that he couldn’t answer. Let’s just say I was beyond impressed, and that was before I glimpsed the results of his work; glowing, dewy, youthful skin.

I couldn’t let this man so full of wrinkle-erasing, pore-minimizing and collagen-building  wisdom go without first probing him for some skincare tips. I asked Joshua for some seasonal advice on how to transition that healthy autumn glow into winter.

Here’s what he had to say…

1. Always Wear Sunscreen

Always use a physical sunscreen in the morning even if you work in an office building. Your skin should always be protected from UVA (Aging Rays) which do not change in the winter months and can often be more damaging due to the reflection off of snow and ice.

2. Deep Exfoliate away Summer Sun Damage

If you were sun tanning in the summer and notice dull dry skin with new or darker pigmentation, see an esthetician for a deeper exfoliation like Microdermabrasion or Dermaplaning combined with a light Alpha Hydroxy Acid peel. My favorite is Lactic Acid for Thin/Dry/Normal/Combo skin. For thicker less sensitive skin or oily skin try a Glycolic peel. Your Esthetician will know what is best for your skin type and lifestyle.

3. Shave Your Face

Exfoliate by shaving your face. Two blade razors work great for a woman’s skin. Shave 1-3x per week. Shave clean dry skin. For extra sensitive skin use a cream cleanser like Cetaphil or Ceravae. This process will remove ”peach fuzz” and dead skin allowing your moisturizer and serums to penetrate much better. Skeptical? Read more on the benefits of shaving your face here.

4. Keep your skin moisturized

Don’t take long hot showers, this will increase the evaporation of moisture in your skin. Instead use luke warm water when showering. Also if you live in a very cold area and the heat is on all the time use a humidifier at night to keep moisture in the air. If you have dry/combo skin switch your moisturizer to include Shea butter as a main ingredient. My favorite: Rescue by Cosmedix.

Use a serum with hyaluronic acid as it will absorb water molecules and help your moisturizer penetrate better.Hyaluronic is great for oily skin as it will not clog the pores.  My Favorite: MedEstheticsRx Hyaluronic +Vitamin C Some heavier creams have waxy ingredients that just lay on the surface of the skin creating build up.The right moisturizer can prevent Trans Epidermal Water Loss or TEWL. Tewl can manifest on the skin as dry flaky patches or even red cracked skin like eczema. Visit an esthetician for the best advice on which moisturizer works for your skin type instead of just buying over the counter.

5. Consider a Nighttime Retinoid

Now that winter is approaching consider the use of a nighttime Retinoid like Retin A or a Retinol. Retinoids are different forms of Viatmin A and they have the most scientific research to support the anti-aging benefits. Using a Retinol will help speed up the turnover and rid the skin of sun damage over time.

Don’t use weaker retinoids from the drug store. Opt instead for a professional cosmeceutical retinol or see your Dermatologist for a prescription for Retin A. Vitamin A can also increase your skins NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor). If you have never used a retinoid start with a low dose. If you opt for prescription strengthfrom your DR then start by applying it every other night or mix it with a moisturizer for the first few weeks. Once your skin is acclimated you can apply full strength.


The 24 chicest cocoon coats to encase yourself in


Plus chic & uber cozy, the cocoon coat has got you covered

The cocoon coat is the perfect blend of warmth and style; structured yet relaxed; chic yet cozy; on-trend yet classic. It’s the height of casual elegance when layered over jeans and perfect for a night on the town when slipped over a festive frock. I’m a big fan of the style’s exaggerated lines—sloping shoulders and rounded bodice–which create sartorial drama while also allowing room for the addition of layers as the temperature drops.  This season, the style has been revamped in daring prints and eye-catching pastels. Since not all cocoon coats are created equal, we’ve rounded up the best styles to encase yourself in this season.


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