Keith Haring Arrives at the de Young Museum


The Keith Haring exhibit opening at the de Young museum on Wednesday night to much celebration and fanfare. In the spirit of the artists, guests were encouraged to don eighties attire. Unsure of just how much the theme would be embraced, I deicded to tip a cautious day-glo yellow toe into the eighties water.

My ensemble was an eighties-meet-today mix of high and low pieces, from an Express abstract floral mini and neon Aldo pumps to my go-to Rag & Bone t-shirt and Chanel quilted bag. As colorful as my look was, the brightest star of the night was not the fashion but the art.

The multi-media Keith Haring exhibit was vibrant, bold and political, tackling everything from John Lennon’s assassination and AIDS to nuclear disarmament and racial inequality with captivating energy.

I wholeheartedly recommend checking out the exhibit. In the meantime, enjoy the pics below!
keith haring political line de young museum
keith haring political line de young museum


ArtPoint, Modernity & Mad Men


mad men party don and betty Back in 2007 (when I was still an undergrad!) AMC introduced us to Mad Men. The season was set in 1960.

In the beginning, everything was civil–or at least it was glazed with enough formality that we thought we it was. Women wore frothy, wasp-wasted dresses accessorized with gloves for evening. Suits were de rigeur for gentlemen, and to forget a hat was akin to forgetting one’s manners.

As the seasons wore on so did the glossy patina. Refined manners and polite restraint devolved into divorce, political protests and recreational drugs. As the world changed, so did the Mad Men fashion. Now, in its final season, the year 1969, hemlines are high, bikinis are itty bitty and office attire is laid back. In fact, even hairstyles, while still large, have relaxed from uptight updos to loose and wavy curls. And Don’s leading lady has gone from restrained, sophisticated Betty to sexy, bohemian Megan.

Season 1

mad men season one cast…And Season 7 mad men season 7

The dramatic fashion (and social) evolution of the decade presents a serious sartorial pickle to one dressing up for a Mad Men-themed party; Is it better to lean towards the restrained, ladylike look of the fifties seen in the first half of the series or the free-loving experimental style of the seventies that the series has grown into?  I raise this questions because  ArtPoint, the young patron’s group of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, is toasting the exhibit “Modernism from the National Gallery of Art: The Robert and Jane Meyerhoff Collection” on Saturday, June 7 with a Mad Men themed cocktail party. I’ve attended many an ArtPoint themed gala–always held within the spectacular de Young or Legion of Honor–and I can vouch that guests’ costumes are often as spectacular as the masterpieces hanging on the wall.

Several years ago, I would’ve advised you to go for the darling feminine frocks that Betty Draper brought to the mainstream in the first couple of season–as I did at at my Mad Men-themed birthday in 2009, seen in the picture above! Today, however, I encourage all Mad Men party-goers to lean toward modernity in the form of Megan-like mod minis in psychedelic prints and, for the gents, plaid sports coats with paisley scarves. Seven is the season and this is the party to get daring!

Need some outfit inspiration? Check out my suggestions below…