Keith Haring Arrives at the de Young Museum


The Keith Haring exhibit opening at the de Young museum on Wednesday night to much celebration and fanfare. In the spirit of the artists, guests were encouraged to don eighties attire. Unsure of just how much the theme would be embraced, I deicded to tip a cautious day-glo yellow toe into the eighties water.

My ensemble was an eighties-meet-today mix of high and low pieces, from an Express abstract floral mini and neon Aldo pumps to my go-to Rag & Bone t-shirt and Chanel quilted bag. As colorful as my look was, the brightest star of the night was not the fashion but the art.

The multi-media Keith Haring exhibit was vibrant, bold and political, tackling everything from John Lennon’s assassination and AIDS to nuclear disarmament and racial inequality with captivating energy.

I wholeheartedly recommend checking out the exhibit. In the meantime, enjoy the pics below!
keith haring political line de young museum
keith haring political line de young museum


How to wear denim on denim & still look chic


Frye Jackie Boot in Cognac / J Brand Maria Jean in Starless / Anthropologie Chambray Shirt (similar here & here) / James Perse Tank in Cascade / Amrita Singh Aztec Necklace (often on Rue La La & eBay. Similar here & here) / Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color in True Coral
The key to wearing multiple pieces of denim–without falling into the dreaded “denim tuxedo” zone–is to wear the fabric in contrasting the shades of color. I paired my go-to dark denim skinny jeans with a faded chambray  buttondown. To keep the look more Ralph Lauren chic than country western rodeo, I pulled on Frye’s Jackie Button Boots in rich cognac, my new favorite footwear; they’re as elegant as an equestrian boot, as easy to wear as a fashion boot and as comfortable as a cowboy boot. I turned to makeup and accessories for much-needed pops of color, wearing Amrita Singh’s Aztec necklace and Tom Ford’s long-lasting Lip Color in True Coral. 


3 Ways Your Are Misusing Your Clarisonic & Harming Your Skin


The Clarisonic facial cleansing device is the Thor’s hammer of skincare tools; no matter how dirty your face is or where in the universe you are (how handy is that travel case?), it unfailingly comes to your aid, eliminating evil city grime and sweeping away unwanted makeup at sonic super speeds. 

The Clarisonic is so beloved that it’s hard to find a dermatologist or aesthetician who doesn’t recommend it. If you’re unfamiliar with the Clarisonic’s much lauded virtues, check out “Is the Clarisonic really better?” a facial cleansing device piece my co-worker Maghan McDowell and I wrote for the Chronicle.

With so much praise for the device, it’s easy to forget that even the most marvelous skin tools are vulnerable to user misuse. Here are the three most common and potentially harmful Clarisonic mistakes….

  • Overusing the Clarisonic

The Clarisonic provides such a deep and thorough cleansing that many aestheticians think using the device just three times a week is enough. When you overuse the device you can strip away skin’s natural hydration–that’s why your skin looks tight and shiny after cleansing.  When the skin is dry, it overcompensates by producing an excess of oil which in turn can clog pores and cause breakouts. While the Clarisonic website recommends using the device once or even twice a day, I advise taking a step back. Replace some of your weekly Clarisonic cleansing sessions for good old fashioned face cleaning, especially if your skin tends to get dry during the colder months.

To rehydrate and replenish over stripped skin, try swapping your traditional cleanser for an oil cleanser. As I explained in “Breaking Bad Makeup,” while it seems counterintuitive, oil cleansers are actually empirically better at whisking away grease and makeup from skin. I’m currently addicted to Tatcha’s One Step Cameilla Cleansing Oil. It leaves my skin clean, soft and dewy, and it smells fantastic. 

  • Pressing down too hard during cleansing 

It seems logical that pressing the whirling Clarisonic brush deeper into skin would give you a deeper clean, but applying too much pressure is a huge mistake. The brush becomes abrasive to the skin applied with too much force,  pulling, tugging and breaking down the delicate facial skin’s precious elasticity. Over time, this can lead to visible signs of aging. As with overusing the Clarisonic, pressing down too hard on the brush can also be drying and cause oil production and unattractive rebound breakouts. The brush should just come into contact with the surface of your skin, sweeping away makeup and dirt without yanking on skin.

  • Not changing the brush head frequently enough

Just as a toothbrush has to be changed every few months to be effective, so does your Clarisonic brush head. You can tell when it’s time to change your brush head by looking at it; the brush will begin to appear dingy in color and the bristles will begin to curl and become misshapen. In addition to working poorly, an old brush can also harbor acne-causing bacteria. Clarisonic recommends changing the brush head every 3-4 months for users cleansing once or twice a day. The timespan is increased for those cleansing less frequently. 

The company recommends shampooing the brush head while in the shower (the device is waterproof); however, there are ingredients in shampoo that can irritate sensitive skin. I suggest periodically rinsing the brush head with an anti-bacterial cleanser or, as some users swear by, spritzing the brush head with a homemade spray, such as apple cider vinegar or hydrogen peroxide diluted with water. Just be sure to rinse the brush clean of the spray before using again. 

3 Reasons to Get Excited About Fall Fashion


How spectacular is this Arthur Elgort spread featuring Linda Evangalista from US Vogue in 1991? Evangelista is so charismatic that she nearly jumps off the page (or in this case, the computer screen). Looking at these images, I almost forgive her for infamously declaring, “We don’t wake up for less than $10,000 a day” Well, at least I understand how she came to be in a position to say it.  

Twenty two years later and these autumnal Scottish looks are still relevant. While this timeless photo spread isn’t justification for spending thousands on fall fashion, it is a persuasive argument for investing in a few well selected pieces. Specifically on tartan prints, tweed garments and tall leather boots

My high quality, reasonably priced Evangelist-inspired product picks (around $500 and under) are listd below the images. Let me know what you think!

Forever Tartan

Pleated tartan is just about as timeless as fashion gets. For a more edgy look, I like to mix the print in different sizes or shades, and when I want to look more current than classic, I wear tartan on unexpected styles, like a modern mini or contemporary tunic.  

Lead With Tweed

I always feel smart and sophisticated in tweed. The fabric just seems to endow garments with an intelligent elegance–think Coco Chanel’s legendary boucle tweed blazer. It slips seamlessly into conservative offices on high neck sheath dresses, while, in more casual work environments, tweed jackets pair perfectly with dark denim. 


Terrifically Tall Leather Boots 

From the urban jungle to the Scottish fields, you can trek any terrain in tall, flat leather boots. They’re comfortable, warm, supremely wearable and overwhelmingly utilitarian–not to mention chic. I have a pair of black leather Prada boots that get better with wear each year (they’re getting more compliments in their third year than their first), and I’m in love with my Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots, pictured below. 


Time to Box Up Summer, Charlotte Olympia Style


What’s two shades of gold and flamingo pink all over? Your final summer fling: Charlotte Olympia’s Pandora Deco Box. Let this spider-topped clutch catch you in the season (at least for a few more days), like a CZ Guest Palm Beach party in Slim Aarons’ lens.

In high school, I once wrote a poem to commemorate the last day of summer. Today, I’ll spare you the adolescent angst and rhyming purple prose and instead simply post a designer bag along with a few delicious suggestions on how to observe the upcoming day. 

Sunburst Wall Mirror, French Circa 1950, Set of 6, $2900 / ABSOLUT Metropolitan Martini / Charlotte Olympia Pandora Deco Box Clutch, $1262 / Crate & Barrel Paola Navone Collection Riviera Carafes, $44.95 each / Benefit Cosmetics One Hot Minute Bronzer, $30

Crate & Barrel Paolo Navone Carafes 

When I was a little girl, I used to walk through Crate & Barrel absorbing ambient Etta James and imagining what serving ware my future husband and I would register for and the perfect life it would fit into. “The rustic floral print is more country bumpkin than French country! Definitely not [sophisticated enough for] our taste! ha ha ha!” I would think smugly to myself. Today, the reality adult married life and table settings firmly in place, I still enjoy the store for its plethora of darling serving ware at affordable prices. These blue glass pitchers from the Paolo Navone collection will add a pop of color to your table all year round and are a steal at just $50 a piece. 

Benefit One Hot Minute Bronzer

I’m the George Clooney of bronzer relationships. I easily fall in love and quickly get hot and heavy with my new makeup mate, my cheeks flushing with a passionate faux glow. And then, after about a year, maybe two, our differences start to become pronounced–this bronzer is too matte, this one too pink, this one wants too much of a commitment–and start to lose interest. Benefit’s One Hot Minute, however, may have tamed my bronzerizing ways. It applies the perfect sun kiss to my alabaster, Vitamin D-deprived dermis with a flattering hint of dewy shimmer. This time, it’s everlasting love–for at least as long as the name implies. 

Vintage Sunburst Mirrors

Shine some deco style into your abode year round with a fabulous sunburst mirror. I bought a great sunburst of the clock variation in a thrift store in Vermont, but you needn’t travel to obscure Northeastern states to unearth hidden treasures anymore. Now there’s, where I digitally browsed this darling Circa 1950 French set and many others from the comfort of couch.  

Absolut Metropolitan Martini 

To make this martini you need only put your lips together and blow–nah, I’m just kidding. But Absolut’s Metropolitan is that intuitive to make, if not nearly as sexy. Simply fill a shaker with ice, add the 5 ingredients, mix and pour. I recommend you take advantage of the late summer sun by inviting friends over for a backyard, DIY happy hour. 

Charlotte Olympia Pandora Deco Box Clutch

Did you see the picture and read the intro? That’s about all I can share with you about the bag at this point because I’m too busy squealing with glee.

CZ Guest at home in Palm Beach by Slim Aarons


One Look 3 Ways: Holy Batgirl Edition


As soon as my husband and I finished setting up house in San Francisco, our neighbor warned us visitors would start streaming in. He was wrong. They flooded in. For the past year, the air mattresses has taken up near permanent residence in the office, and, over the course of these many visits, we have become talented city guides. 

The first stop on our San Francisco experience tour is always the Red Hots Burlesque Show at El Rio on Friday nights. The Mission neighborhood bar is a colorful dive/lesbian hot spot/pit bull-baring hipster hangout (dogs are allowed on the patio) that offers cheap drinks and first-rate people watching.
In an intimate back room, a rotating cast of local and international performers take to a makeshift stage, demonstrating their strip tease prowess. From the woman who drank champagne upside down from a highball glass squeezed between her thighs to the scantily clad male Boylesque duo who flirtatiously chased eachother around the stage between fits of dancing the Charleston, performances are at times funny, fleshy and awe-inspiring.

This past Friday, however, we were especially titallated by Magdalena  Fox as batgirl. The masked performer began with some intense jiggling to the old school batman theme song and (around the 2 minute mark in the video) transitions into a nipple-tassel-swinging, hardcore hip hop rendition of the classic tune. It. was. awesome.

I’m not about to team up with a superhero or jump on stage in bat-emblazoned skivvies anytime soon, but I was inspired to get a little batty with my wardrobe this fall. This sweatshirt by Zoe Karssen is superhuman cool and extremely versatile. 

3 Ways to Wear It: Zoe Karssen Bat Sweatshirt

Clockwise: Essie nail polish, $8 / Zoe Karssen jersey sweatshirt, $125 / Pretty Ballerinas pretty ballerina shoes $319 / 3.1 Phillip Lim cargo pocket pants, $375 / Blugirl plaid a line skirt, $475 / Rag & Bone skinny jeans, $245

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