Breathtaking Spring 2015 Bridal Gowns


Ooh, how I love spring bridal market!

Eek! It’s that marvelous week in April when the designers release their Spring bridal collections. I may be married, but I still fall head over heel in love with these fantastical frocks.

This season, I’m obsessing over delicate, floor sweeping coverups in robe-like silhouettes. Alberta Ferretti and Temperley presented versions of the trend so overflowing with Pre-Raphaelite beauty that John Everett Millais would’ve happily painted his drowned Ophelia in them if he could’ve. Ilussion necklines normally feel  contemporary to me, but this season designers like Monique Lhuillier and Marchesa romanticized them with embroidery and lace. And, who doesn’t love a good beadwork comeback? Seed pearls and glistening gems swirled geometrically across bodices and danced down skirts most notably on Naeem Khan’s Old Hollywood-style gowns. My favorite trend, however, was below the waist, where bridal designers like Ramona Keveza and Amsale experimented with skirt silhouettes, mixing fabrics weights, transparencies and cuts to create rich multi-faceted layers.

Check out my favorite spring 2015 bridal gowns in the slideshow above, and let me know which designer wedding gown you would most want to wear in the comments!

And, don’t forget to send me your wedding questions for The Editorialite’s “Ask A Pro” series with wedding planner superstar James Hansen et moi!


Beauty Blogvo


spring summer skincare beauty questions

My inbox has been flooded with beauty questions

Perhaps it’s the sweet spring air and body baring styles the warm weather ushers in–or, maybe people have just been taking more selfies than usual. In any case, I’ve been fielding skincare conundrums left and right. And, since many can glean  wisdom from the inquiries of a few, I’ve decided to feature some of these Q&A’s in a “Blogvo” post. In case you’re wondering, I just originated that portmanteau; no, not a French suitcase, a combination of blog and convo words to form a new word. #wickedclever


Clarisonic - Clarisonic Mia 2 - Which Clarisonic Should I buy? - Clarisonic Mia 2 colors

I  was wondering if you have any advice about which Clarisonic to buy. I’ve been thinking about it for a while but can’t decide and it seems that there are several options and packages. Thanks so much! - K

Hi K,

A Clarisonic is an awesome investment–I have yet to talk to an aesthetician who doesn’t love them; although, it’s worth noting that there is varying advice on how often you should use them, with some experts saying a few times a week is plenty because it’s such an intensive cleaning. Check out this post for more tips on how to use your Clarisonic.

If you’re just using it to treat your face, then I recommend the MIA 2. I love mine! It’s small enough for me to toss in a carryon bag, but big enough that it doesn’t feel like a mini “travel” size version when I use it at home. Plus, it comes a variety of bright, pretty colors.

Get deep cleaning!



moisturizer for oily skin - how to moisturize oily skin - how to moisturize acne-prone skin - how to moisturize without a breakout

I’ve noticed that I need to start moisturizing my face more, but I have really oily skin, and I break out easily. Any recommendations for a face moisturizer for oily skin? I am willing to spend a lot too. Thanks! -N

Hi N,

Great question–moisture is super duper essential, even for oily, acne-prone skin. Don’t fall into the trap of over-drying skin to get rid of oil. Skipping moisturizer and overusing drying topical treatments on the skin will only causes oil production to go into overdrive as the skin tries to rebalance itself, leading to more oil and blemishes.

For a longterm solution, I would suggest MVO’s  acne relief duet: the MVO treatment oil and treatment serum. If you’re reluctant to put oil on acne-prone skin–which is an understandable hesitation–check out my interview with MVO’s Communication Director in which he explains why these products have better longterm success in managing breakouts than other treatments.

Let me know how it works!



Question 3

Revision Skincare Intellishade

I’m spending a lot of time outdoors since the weather got nice, and I know I need some kind of sun protection for my face. Is there a daily sunscreen you recommend?  -S

Hi S,

I can’t stress the importance of sunscreen enough. Not only is it critical in preventing skin cancer, but it’s the number thing you can do right now to prevent wrinkles and signs of aging as you get older. And, sunscreen is not just for the beach and sunny days–you should apply a full-spectrum sunscreen to your face 365 days a year, rain or shine.

When I look at daily sunscreens, I want one that doesn’t clog pores, layers easily underneath makeup, or offer some kind of makeup coverage while providing strong sun protection. I’m a daily user of Revision Skincare Intellishade 45 tinted moisturizer. I first purchased it to have extra coverage on a Mexican beach getaway, but found it so light and easy to wear, that I’ve started using it as a daily moisturizer. I wear it alone when I  want sheer coverage and layer it beneath foundation for more opaque, flawless look.

If you never wear foundation, then I would recommend MVO’s Pacific Everyday Sheer Coverage. It’s a broad-spectrum UV protection with non-nano zinc oxide (and the bonus of  wrinkle-fighting antioxidants) that provides a light, matte coverage.

Now slather on some sunscreen and enjoy spring!



Do you have a burning beauty question? Leave it in the comments, send it to me via email,  or put it on The Editorialite Facebook page.

Southern Charm, Nasty Gal Style


Spend 24 hours in the City By the Bay, and you’ll discover how comically connected sunlight and warmth are; stroll on the sunny side of the street and your sweating, but cross to the shady side and you’re shivering. This is not an exaggeration–it’s happened to me many times before! Come sunset, the temperature drops dramatically across the city and cold becomes unavoidable. It’s just another meteorological idiosyncrasy of San Francisco.

As you can imagine, this makes getting dressed for evening rather challenging. I’ll want to slip on an LBD and sexy sling-backs at 6 p.m., but fear the attack of frigid air at dusk. And, I don’t want to be stuck toting around an enormous jacket all night!

Lucky for me, I got to visit Charleston, South Carolina this weekend, my home before San Francisco–and a city where being cold is never a problem. Not only did I get to spend some QT with friends who are as dear as family and attend a breathtaking wedding, but I also got to break out all the spring fashions that have been itching to get worn.

What do you think of this Nasty Gal skirt and cropped top look? Let me know in the comments.
The Editorialite - Maggie Winterfeldt Clark - Charleston, SC - Nasty Gal Alissa crop top - black crop top - Nasty Gal Romantics SkirtThe Editorialite - Maggie Winterfeldt Clark - Charleston, SC - Nasty Gal Alissa crop top - black crop top - Nasty Gal Romantics SkirtThe Editorialite - Maggie Winterfeldt Clark - Charleston, SC - Nasty Gal Alissa crop top - black crop top - Nasty Gal Romantics SkirtIMG_3377The Editorialite - Maggie Winterfeldt Clark - Charleston, SC - Nasty Gal Alissa crop top - black crop top - Nasty Gal Romantics SkirtIMG_3421 The Editorialite - Maggie Winterfeldt Clark - Charleston, SC - Nasty Gal Alissa crop top - black crop top - Nasty Gal Romantics Skirt IMG_3393The Editorialite - Maggie Winterfeldt Clark - Charleston, SC - Nasty Gal Alissa crop top - black crop top - Nasty Gal Romantics Skirt
The Editorialite - Maggie Winterfeldt Clark - Charleston, SC - Nasty Gal Alissa crop top - black crop top - Nasty Gal Romantics Skirt




Beat the Friday afternoon doldrums


The weekend doesn’t start until you’ve clocked out. Here are a few fun reads, entertaining videos and weekend  warrior ideas to keep you entertained until 5 o’clock.

1. Decide if Beyonce is a feminist

Beyonce GQ Cover - is Beyonce a feminist?
If you’ve been around me in the last month, you’re probably sick of hearing “Drunk in Love” on repeat and listening to my incessant Beyonce hotness  chatter. Well, here’s a new angle: Queen Bey is talking gender inequality in Beyonce’s essay for The Shriver Report. It’s a quick, three paragraph read. When you’re done, take a look at this critique of Beyonce’s take on feminism in Bitch Magazine. Can Beyonce advance women’s rights and still reveal underboob on magazine covers? Let me know what you think.


2. Reminisce about your 90′s childhood

My childhood TGIF television staple “Boy Meets World” has revolved full circle with a new Disney show entitled “Girl Meets World.” The first trailer has been released for thighly anticipated series that brings high school sweethearts Topanga and Corey Matthews back together as a married couple raising a teenage daughter. Don’t miss the Girl Meets World trailer.


3. Win a free class at Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry's Bootcamp SOMA - Barry's bootcamp SFIt’s time for San Franciscans to get psyched about Barry’s Bootcamp. The celeb fav fitness fav is opening a new studio in SOMA, and it’s offering Bay Area residents the chance to win a free class and an invite to the VIP Opening Party. All you have to do is post pic or video of yourself engaging in a healthy lifestyle (biking to work, jogging the Golden Gate, prepping a kale smoothie, etc.) on Facebook and tagging it with #BarrysSFReady.


4. Restore your faith in humanity

This video of a dolphin asking divers for help after being snared by a fishing line literally gave me the chills. Watch, and be awed.


Q&A Part II: Incredible Skin, Naturally with Marie Veronique Organics


marie veronique organic - pacific collection - facial oil - retinol night serumTalking facial oils & acne with Marie Veronique Organics

I’m excited to share part II of my interview with Kevin Dooley of Marie Veronique Organics (MVO), my skincare obsession. In case you missed it, check out part I of our MVO skincare Q&A from last week and then read all the invaluable tidbits Kevin has to offer on facial oils, acne, and anti-aging below…

Q. MVO sells facial oil in lieu of traditional moisturizer. A daily oil sounds very scary, especially to people with acne-prone skin. Why is oil better than traditional moisturizers and how does oil work to better acne-prone skin?

A. This is a really great question that we are asked often. We are accustomed to using lotions or creams that feel greatbut really aren’t hydrating deep within the layers of the skin. Lotion and cream-based moisturizers contain wax and filling agents (and often petroleum) that have a silky consistency that we are drawn to. They give an illusion of hydration but are really just coating the outermost layer of your skin.

Marie Veronique Nadeau, founder and formulator of Marie Vernonique Organics MVO natural skincare

Marie Veronique Nadeau, founder and formulator

Using a face oil instead of a moisturizer is scary for many in the beginning (myself included) because it seems counterintuitive from what we have always been told. But the truth is that face oils are better for all skin types, including oily and acne-prone skin.

We hear it all the time from people who are hesitant at first, but then within the first week of using an oil, comment on how quickly their skin has changed and how much healthier it looks. We recently conducted clinical trials on our face oils and the results showed what we’ve always known:  using oils offers increased hydration, decreased fine lines and wrinkles, and decreased pore siin. When using a face oil, the nutrients within the product penetrate the skin more deeply. Because the skin produces oil naturally, it’s equipped to absorb a face oil – and its nutrients – more effectively. Swapping out your moisturizer for oil might seem scary, but you see results quite quickly. The increased hydration leads to healthy, hydrated, glowing skin while also balancing out your natural oil production. This is why face oils can be used on all skin types. Oils work if you have dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, and even acne prone skin. Who doesn’t want that?


Q. What are some MVO tried and true techniques and products for managing acne?

A. Our products are designed to treat the cause of acne vs. being focused on treating the symptoms. Despite how counterintuitive it may seem, the best way to treat adult acne is with oil. Traditional acne treatment methods dry out the skin. We know that dry skin ages faster so why would we want to do that? Stripping the skin of its protective barrier also doesn’t fight the cause of acne. This is why many people suffering from adult acne will find a line that works for a few months but it doesn’t end up being a long-term solution. They are treating the symptoms rather than the cause.  Using an oil to treat acne helps to balance your oil production naturally while also decongesting your pores.

Traditional moisturizers, cosmetics, and many sunscreens are packed with waxes and can clog pores, which lead to break outs. Switching to face oil and a non-nano zinc oxide sunscreen is the best way to treat acne. Our Treatment line of products is also loaded in B vitamins, which are also great in treating acne. Again, it is about giving your skin the nutrients it needs to repair itself naturally vs. treating the symptoms, while also preventing the congestion from moisturizers and cosmetics.


Q. Any major skincare mistakes you often see women making?

A. Sadly, there are many common skincare mistakes but the most prevalent is the “squeaky-clean” concept.  Stripping our skin of its natural protective lipid barrier leads to accelerated aging. Why would we want to strip the skin of this lipid barrier? This goes for exfoliation as well.  While exfoliating makes your skin look bright and polished, excessive exfoliation can lead to damaged skin.


Q. Do you have any dramatic client transformations you can share? 

A. One that really stands out for me was from a client who called after recovering from a pretty severe head trauma that forced her jaw to shift forward. While she had fully recovered from the injury she was still faced with superficial cosmetic damage of stretch marks, scarring, and fine lines. She wasn’t looking for a miracle, just products she could feel safe using that would help minimize this damage. We determined the best course of treatment and she started with just a few products; our Pacific Face Oil, Pacific Night Serum with Retinol, and our Topical Vitamin C Treatment.

Within weeks she called ecstatic with how amazed she was from the results she had already begun seeing. She’s since used more of our products and has continued to see results. We were able to help transform her skin and increase her self-esteem without the use of toxic ingredients. We couldn’t ask for a better testimonial.


Q. What’s the best piece of advice for anti-aging you can offer to women in their 20′s and 30′s?

A. Repair and protect. It’s never too early to start using anti-aging, nutritive skincare. If you start in your 20s you can help prevent damage from occurring. Give your skin the nutrients it needs to repair and protect naturally. Also, wear sunscreen daily! Sun protection is key to preventing damage. That summer glow might be nice when you are young, but when you’re faced with premature fine lines and sun damage it just isn’t worth it.


5 most surprising things about the first year of marriage



Exchanging rings and saying “I do” is just the start of your life together. My first year of marriage was filled with joy, struggle, compromise and some unexpected changes. Here are the five most surprising things about being a newlywed.

1. I noticed all the ways my life could accommodate a baby

While I’m still not ready to turn my life over to a drooling little monster, post-wedding I started to notice how well one could fit into it. It’s as if a lawfully wedded partner was the final piece my biological clock needed to turn on. I was suddenly looking at the world through a new lens that brought all the ways my life was ready to accommodate a child into sharp focus; I started appreciating the five star safety rating of my vehicle and how perfectly a car seat would fit into the backseat. The office? It could easily be converted into a nursery, I observed. I used to secretly make fun of girls who got married and couldn’t focus on anything but babies, but once I got married, I kind of wanted to have babies too.


2. I gained weight (or, more accurately, returned to my normal weight)

I could write an entire essay on this topic alone. In fact, at some point in the not so distant future I probably will.  But, to simplify: your wedding weight is not real, and you will eventually return to your normal weight. Learn from my mistake, and don’t freak out when this happens. In the months before my wedding I never dieted or even restricted what I ate. In fact, I felt like I was eating whatever I wanted, but, in reality, the stress had diminished my appetite and I was eating less of everything and sometimes even forgetting to eat lunch—I NEVER do this. As a result, I became my super skinny wedding self. This phenomenon is not unique to me. Just about every bride talks about how uncharacteristically thin she got seemingly by accident before her wedding. The flip side to this is that after the wedding is over, you return to your normal weight. In my case, I gained a few pounds more than my normal weight, making contrast between skinny wedding self all the more extreme. I beat myself up endlessly about it until, one day, I threw out my scale. Since then, I’m sure my weight has fluctuated the normal 5 pounds over and under my “normal” weight, but without the scale to tell me, I neither notice nor care.


3. My formal china collected dust

As much fun as I had picking it out, overjoyed as I was to receive it, and happy as it makes me to look at in the china cabinet, I don’t use my formal wedding china. This is not an argument for skipping the formal china—I love traditions and would register for it all over again—but at this point in my newlywed life, the china gets more dust than use.


4. I took an interest in cooking and housekeeping

Yes, it’s old fashioned, but so is marriage. Don’t let your inner feminist beat you up because you find yourself falling into traditional roles. I learned that it’s okay to want to be a good and caring wife. Cooking delicious, nourishing meals and keeping a beautiful, inviting home is just another way for me to show my partner love and value our relationship. It would also be okay if I demonstrated love and appreciation in other ways–contemporary feminism is all about having options and the freedom to make choices about how we want to live our lives without judgement.


5. I got a lifelong teammate

I lived with my boyfriend for a couple years before we wed, so I didn’t expect much to change in regards to our dynamic. We already knew how to share a bathroom and take turns doing the dishes and had long ago decided that I would take charge of the laundry as long he dealt with all the trash. What I didn’t expect was for our relationship to deepen into a joint partnership. We’re now teammates in the game of life. If he suffers, I suffer; If I’m successful he’s successful. We’re intrinsically connected, working together in everyway toward our joint future,  happiness, and success.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Please share them in the comments! Maggie Winterfeldt wedding - Maggie Winterfeldt Clark - The Editorialite - Bosotn public library - changes after marriage - how you change after getting married - becoming a wifeMaggie Winterfeldt wedding - Maggie Winterfeldt Clark - The Editorialite - Bosotn public library - changes after marriage - how you change after getting married - becoming a wifeMaggie Winterfeldt wedding - Maggie Winterfeldt Clark - The Editorialite - Bosotn public library - changes after marriage - how you change after getting married - becoming a wifeMaggie Winterfeldt wedding - Maggie Winterfeldt Clark - The Editorialite - Bosotn public library - changes after marriage - how you change after getting married - becoming a wifeMaggie Winterfeldt wedding - Maggie Winterfeldt Clark - The Editorialite - Bosotn public library - changes after marriage - how you change after getting married - becoming a wife

Top off your Coachella music festival style


alessandra ambrosio coachella - coachella hat- coachella style - music festival fashion

You don’t have to go to Coachella to rock boho fashions

Music festivals always sound like a blast, but, if I’m completely honest with myself, they’re not my scene. As much as I would like to be free-loving and carefree–who needs showers? I can sleep when I’m dead!–I’m just not that gal. I’m anxious, uptight and can’t survive long without indoor plumbing, Egyptian cotton sheets, and filtered water.

Despite my hippie shortcomings, I’m appreciative of the festival scene. In addition to the obvious musical allure, events like Coachella bring out wonderful bohemian fashions; airy eyelets, flirty fringe, strappy sandals, cutoff jeans, earthy prints, and psychedelic tie dyed frocks are refreshed year after year with timeless rock ‘n roll cool.

The best piece to pack for Coachella, however, is the topper: a brimmed hat. From fedoras to baseball caps to floppy felt numbers, hats are essential to all spring wardrobes. They shield your eyes and skin from the sun while keeping you feeling cool and looking chic. Best of all, for those like myself who are more of a lamester than a hipster, you don’t have to buy a ticket to Coachella to sport this festival style. Everyone benefits from fashionable sun protection.

Check out my picks for best Coachella hats below…


Fit & Fabulous: Informed Technique springs dancerly bods to life


Informed Technique - Ballet Workout - Fitness Blogger - The Editorialite

I recently took flight at Informed Technique: An anti-gravity ballet barre class

As a gal who needs to daily movement to stay sane,  I’m lucky to live in San Francisco. Just walking the dog is a workout–have you experienced the hills here?–and when I want to hit the gym, I have a myriad of nontraditional options. Imaginative (and effective) fitness classes have sprung up all over the city–and, I’m sweating my way through them all. By far, the most fun I’ve had working out in recent memory was at Informed Technique in Hayes Valley.

Informed Technique - Ballet Workout - Fitness Blogger - The Editorialite

Informed Technique is a ballet-based workout created by Jill Harris that is different from traditional barre workouts in three major ways…

  1. It uses a customized suspension system with springs in an overhead position, unlike Pilates springboards or reformers. The springs not only take pressure of joints, allowing students to focus on proper form and technique, but also make jumping seriously fun.

  2. The workout is deeply rooted in classical dance. The class warmup, French lingo and traditional ballet choreography will evoke the black leotard and pink slippers of your youth, only you’ll be having a lot more fun in a much less rigid environment–you don’t have to call instructor Jill Harris Ms. Jill!

  3. Exercises use full range of motion instead of tiny, pulsing movements done with lots of reps, as is the case in most ballet-derivative barre workouts. Informed Technique exercises explore all the movements dancers use in performance; in fact,  San Francisco Ballet dancers are actually among Informed Technique’s clients! Jill explains, “As dancers this [type of barre] workout doesn’t serve any purpose other than to make you “feel” something.  In dance you need your body to perform, to kick higher, to jump higher, to reach your limbs longer and if your body is stiff and feeling “compacted” you won’t be performing to your maximum potential.

Curious? I sure was. I took a couple classes with Jill to get the “hang” of it. I haven’t danced in over a decade, so it took more than a hot second for my body to start moving in any way resembling a ballerina’s. The springs allowed me to explore ranges of motion I hadn’t come close to in my megareformer or barre classes–my calves and inner thighs received some much-needed attention. The springs lightened the weight load during exercises like push ups, where I usually become so exhausted so fast that my technique goes out the window, allowing me to focus on form and position to properly work my arm and ab muscles instead of straining my shoulders.

I would rank the class a 5 on a 1-10 strenuous scale. I  broke a sweat, but I never came close to passing out. While not overly taxing, the class is sure to yield results. Jill says if you com in a couple times a week you’ll notice results in about a month. “Your hips, thighs and waist will be leaner.  Your arms will be stronger, and your feet and legs will get stronger–and feet are important to those of us who wear high heels shoes!”

In terms of skill, I would place it up at an 8 out of 10. For non-dancers especially, there’s a learning curve. But, don’t let this scare you away. The class isn’t just for ballerinas, and Jill is very patient with dance newbies. “We offer basics classes, which are a great way to learn the classical lingo.  We have also broken down Informed Technique to explain that a Plie is just a squat, Soute is Plyometrics, Degage’s are leg lifts.  It all is simple translation and the difference is how you perform the movements once you understand them,” she explains.

So who is this class for? “This is a class for anyone who wants to move, get stronger and have fun in a non competitive environment.” says Jill, who has taught everyone from aspiring professional ballerinas to overweight and out-of-shape sixty-somethings to pregnant mamas-to-be who want to lighten the load on their joints to men who want a dancerly workout.

Here’s everything else you need to know about the class…

    • Name: Informed Technique
    • Location: 389 Grove Street San Francisco, CA 94107 at Informed Body studio
    • Length:  55 Minutes
    • Attire:  Tights/Leggings or Pants, Tank or T-shirt, and sticky socks or Blake Brody studio shoes are a must!
    • Cost:  Intro 3 for $75, 5 for $150, 10 for $250.  We prefer you come 3 times initially to really get a feel for the springs and the workout since it isn’t like any other workout you will have done!
    • Where you’ll feel it the next day:  Varies class to class so sometimes your abs will burn if your teacher does a lot of abs and sometimes you will feel it more in your legs and gluts. You feel worked, but in a good way
DSC_3995DSC_4084DSC_4041comboInformed Technique - Ballet Workout - Fitness Blogger - The EditorialiteDSC_4110comboDSC_4036DSC_4049

Freestyle Friday: Best weekend reading from around the blogosphere


Hello, my lovelies! I hope you’ve had a great first week of April full of trickery, tomfoolery and springtime debauchery. My week has been nonstop, and there’s no end in sight. Today, I’m busy getting blogger happy at the Lucky FABB conference in lala Land. Lacking the time to put together a strong post of my own, I’ve decided to refer you to a few pieces of stellar content.

Check it out below, and be sure to come back Monday for an awesome Fit & Fabulous post on SF’s latest fitness craze: anti-gravity ballet barre class, Informed Technique. Yes, it’s real and, I have the pictures of me in class to prove it!

Seasonal Style

“Nail Colors for Spring” by My Life MappedPoint to stunning spring style with a set of vibrantly hued nails!

Nail Health

“Experts weigh in: Are Gel Manicure’s Safe?” from HLN: A bite of food for thought for you, my brilliant beauty. Personally, gel manicures are the only thing that lasts more than a hot second without chipping on my nails, but, after reading this, I’ll give my nails a break by mixing in regular manis between gels.


Brunch Bites

“French Toast Fingers” from Cupcakes & CashmereSticking with the hand theme, you don’t want to miss these “fingers” of single serving french toast flavored with fresh berries, maple syrup and ginger. Yum! This is why I love brunch so much.


Picnic Chic

“Totes that go outside to play” written by moi for the SF Chronicle: The dynamic design duo behind Yield was so inspired by the outdoorsy Bay Area lifestyle that they gave the picnic basket a chic modern makeover–they’ve created a picnic tote that unzips into a blanket, so you can keep your J.Brand’s grass stain free! That’s my kind of al fresco!



Get healthy, youthful skin the natural way with Marie Veronique Organics


mvo pacific essentials kit marie veronique organicsMy favorite skincare line is natural enough for pregnant women and more effective than Creme de la Mer

I’ve been addicted to Marie Veronique Organics (MVO) since experiencing the results of the MVO facial at Spa Radiance in Cow Hollow; it left my skin  clear, dewy and radiant. I was so confident in my newfound complexion that I  even left the house without a stitch of makeup on–and this is coming from the girl who shamelessly admits she wears makeup to the gym! I left the spa with a bag of MVO Pacific line essentials that I began using religiously at home to dazzling effect–the  Facial Oil is luxurious yet light and the and Hydrating Mist is soothing, not to mention wonderful smelling (a mix of rustic eucalyptus and refreshing florals)!
But, it wasn’t until last month, when I attended a party to celebrate MVO at San Francisco boutique beauty apothecary Veer & Wander, that I discovered the breadth of the anti-aging Pacific collection and learned first-hand just how potent the products are. Specifically, I added the anti-aging Night Serum with Retinol to my nightly skincare ritual and often pair it with the Topical Vitamin C Treatment.
At this party, I also discovered Kevin Dooley; he’s MVO’s director of community relationships and an extremely knowledgeable skincare guru who was able to field even my most intense beauty reporter question with aplomb.  


Check out Part I of my incredibly informative Q&A with Kevin below…

  • Q. Marie Veronique is completely organic. What does that mean in practice, and how is it different from some of the big name skincare brands like Crème de la Mer, SKII, Armani Beauty and others?

A. Just read the labels of most leading cosmetic brands – you will see many ingredients that we just wouldn’t use. Many brands use petroleum and wax-based fillers in their products. These waxes and fillers might create a slick, luxurious finish on the skin, but they aren’t actually nourishing the deeper layers of the skin, and can actually clog pores.

We like to think of ourselves as a great skincare brand that’s also organic. We want to deliver the best results possible, and we do that by using ingredients that mimic nature, and by never using synthetics or toxins. We are confident that we offer the most advanced anti-aging products available, without toxins. Our products are safe yet effective.


  • Q. Does this mean  all your products are safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding moms?

A. “Intelligent ingredients without toxins” is the foundation of our line. All of our products are pregnancy and nursing safe and we would never develop a product we aren’t comfortable using on our loved ones and ourselves.


  • Q. Why is it better to use organic, natural products on our skin?

A. Nature is always better. Our products are biomimetic in design, meaning they mimic nature. We have a complex understanding of the composition of the skin and designed products specifically to replenish what is naturally being depleted as we age.


  • Q. For someone who is primarily concerned with results and is worried that an all-natural product won’t be as effective, what would you tell them about Marie Veronique?

A. This is a common question. The skincare and cosmetic market is now flooded with natural and organic lines that might have pure organic ingredients but just aren’t effective. This leads to a misunderstanding that natural products can’t be results-driven, which just isn’t true. If you truly understand the makeup of the skin and replenish with the nutrients it needs to repair itself, you can effectively slow and reverse the effects of aging.

For example, your skin is composed of lipids. This lipid barrier is slowly being depleted as we age so our face oils contain a complex array of essential fatty acids to replenish this lipid barrier. Our goal is to create products that work with the skin’s natural processes.


  • Q. If I could only afford a few products, what are the essentials I should invest in?

A. Face Oil and sunscreen. Using our face oil day and night will transform your skin; you will see results quickly. The second essential would be to use either of our sunscreens, which should be worn rain or shine, dawn to dusk. These products are the gateway to our line for most people and are a really great way to see phenomenal results in a short amount of time. Once you try these two products you’ll be back for more.


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