What is Editorialite?

The Jolly Trinity (Kathy, Ron, and Vic) came about in a cramped dorm room of an older-than-cave-paintings liberal arts college. After graduation, as often people do, we went our separate ways. But, our shared love of art kept us in touch with each other in the form of spirited discussions via e-mail and chat threads. But that changed when one day Kathy recommended we move our love of art to a more public platform, and thus, Editorialite was born! We’ve come a long way since our dorm days now, creating content about art, music, and photography for any and all who share a passion for it.

Read About Us…

Kathy Dennis

The Artist of the Trinity, Kathy has been painting since the age of 4. She went on to study painting at a Master’s level and earned apprenticeships in Europe under some of the finest modern painters. Today she has moved to a secluded cabin in Alaska, where she spends her time experimenting with the canvas and working on DIY gardening projects for her little homestead.

Ron Gorder

The Musician of the Trinity, Ron found his love of music at a Ween concert as a teenager. It had such an influence on him that he took up the guitar, and hasn’t put it down since. A modern musical studies major, he has taught music around the country – as well as played a few small concerts. These days he composes his own music and shares valuable knowledge on Editorialite about being a lifelong musician.

Vic Bawel

The Photographer of the Trinity, Vic likes to think he got into cameras before they were so commonplace. Although he has no problems with phone cameras, he keeps a special love for old-school film photography, and like a gearhead, loves talking about the mechanics of photography. He runs his own photo studio now, while helping others learn the skill and discover the joy of taking the perfect picture.

Got questions?

It’s better to know than to wonder. Between the three of us, we’ve always got at least one ear open. So ask us, we’ll be listening!